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Pilliga Cypress Inventory, NSW

Pilliga Cypress Inventory, NSW

RPS was engaged by Forestry Corporation of NSW to perform a resource inventory of White Cypress (Callitris Columellaris) across 3,000 square km of the Pilliga Forest using ADS40 imagery and LiDAR data.

The project involved generating a Digital Surface Model (DSM) from the raw ADS40 Imagery and using this to ortho-rectify the four band ADS40 images.

Object based image segmentation and multi-spectral analysis were used to classify Cypress tree crowns.  Ground truthing showed that a classification accuracy of approximately 75% was achieved.

The height of each tree was measured using a Canopy Height Model (CHM) generated by subtracting a LiDAR derived Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from the ADS40 derived DSM.  The results were verified by field survey.

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