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NSW Department of Planning & Environment - Subregional Strategies

NSW Department of Planning & Environment - Subregional Strategies

RPS was engaged by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DoPE) to assist in the preparation of subregional delivery plans now known as the Subregional Growth Infrastructure Plans (SGIPs). As part of the NSW planning system, DoPE is to prepare six SDPs for Metropolitan Sydney.

RPS was seconded into the SGIP team to be involved in all aspects of the preparation process, including developing the methodology for the SGIPs. Together, the team gathered and analysed data in order to identify constraints and opportunities (considering essential and social infrastructure capacities) to meet housing and employment targets within the subregion. RPS worked closely with infrastructure service providers to develop capacity and performance measures across the infrastructure types. These measures were evidence based and essential to ensure the easy communication of infrastructure issues.

RPS also conducted workshops with relevant stakeholders, including infrastructure providers, various departments and government agencies in order to communicate and gather relevant data. RPS was involved in the writing, format and layout of background papers and drafts of the SGIP.

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