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NBN Co First Release Sites, National

NBN Co First Release Sites, National

NBN Co was established by the Australian government to design, build and operate infrastructure to enable enhanced broadband coverage to every Australian household.

Working across four states, RPS was instrumental in developing high-level communications strategies, community consultation, environmental planning and creative solutions during the design, planning and construction phases of five ‘first release sites’ on mainland Australia. These included Armidale and Kiama NSW, Townsville QLD, Willunga SA and Brunswick VIC.

The rollout across these five sites was crucial to the success of the national project, as it allowed NBN Co to use different network design and construction methods to respond to the variety of geography, housing type, local infrastructure and population diversity that would be encountered across the rest of Australia.

RPS played a key role in designing and delivering a marketing and communications campaign to maximise the opt-in to the network. This included stakeholder advocacy, advertising and media relations, direct marketing and community awareness programs. Our key team members were regional spokespeople, representing NBN Co in local and state media.

During the construction phase we were integrated members of the client delivery teams, supervising and providing direction to contractors’ stakeholder relations activities to ensure NBN delivers a positive legacy to affected local communities.

We also provided extensive planning approvals advice at the commonwealth, state and local level. This assistance, initially focussed on immediate requirements for the first release sites, extended to identifying and recommending opportunities and approaches for the long term roll out of the project.

RPS also developed a community and stakeholder relations ‘handbook’ and a statutory planning contractors' guide to ensure best practice for the national rollout. We continue to support NBN Co and its contractors in the national rollout.


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