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Midland Redevelopment Master Plan, WA

Midland Redevelopment Master Plan, WA

The Perth suburb of Midland is undergoing significant transformation, with infrastructure investment, property development and open space activation all contributing to a revitalisation of the area.

With such investment set to transform the urban landscape, local economy and community, RPS was engaged by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) to undertake an economic evaluation of the Midland Master Plan in order to inform the MRA of opportunities to enhance and facilitate improved outcomes and redevelopment activity, in particular employment and business generation to enable positive social outcomes and change.

A critical issue was the impact of public and private investment as an enabler of positive change in Midland. Midland is historically a low socio-economic area and the MRA are endeavouring to provide new products to this market. RPS therefore analysed the impact of other state-led urban redevelopment projects across Australia and assessed the enabler role of infrastructure investment on the physical and economic characteristics of the project. This informed advice on how the MRA can best leverage off the public hospital and other investments in the area.

RPS additionally adopted an approach which considered the market depth (or feasibility) for additional property development in the Midland Redevelopment Area and site specific potential in order to estimate the likely redevelopment trends. This enabled the MRA to determine where and when public open space, community and utility services should be rolled out across the redevelopment area.

With the project in the implementation stage, RPS was engaged to evaluate the financial impact of a suite of proposed development policies for the Midland Redevelopment Area including public art provisions, affordable housing requirements, adaptable housing requirements and green building requirements. The analysis informed MRA as to the appropriateness of different policies and the need to make amendments to encourage quality development.

More recently, RPS has been engaged as a commercial advisor for subdivision design. This has included design advice and concept development and feasibility assessments.

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