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Midland Junction Arts Centre, WA

Midland Junction Arts Centre, WA

RPS has been engaged to provide business planning services to support the revitalisation of the Midland Junction Arts Centre (MJAC).

Located in the suburb of Midland within the fast-growing City of Swan, Midland Junction Arts Centre (MJAC) plays an important role in the region’s arts and cultural sector, featuring  gallery spaces, an auditorium, a leafy courtyard rehearsal and studio spaces.

Despite the venue’s importance to a range of community groups including local community arts and cultural development group DADAA and dance-based theatre program TRACKSUIT, concerns regarding underutilisation of the facility (equivalent to a rate of just 10%), high maintenance requirements and need for expanded culture and arts programs have led to the consideration of revitalisation options.

Our team has led a formal business planning process that explored a range of investments and initiatives to facilitate:


Greater visitation levels, both to the facility and neighbouring businesses throughout the Midland activity centre and Cale Street precinct.

Enhanced heritage value, with proposed restoration work to improve the aesthetic appeal of the building and leave a cultural and historical legacy for the community.

Increased arts and cultural economy opportunities, especially opportunities that address at-risk youth, mental health and disability challenges, and celebrate the region’s indigenous and migrant culture.

Improved financial sustainability, with upgrades supporting reduced ongoing maintenance and increased usage.

Improved social service capacity with the not-for-profit office space (primarily for artistic and youth orientated services) improving the availability of local social services and ensuring NFPs have access to low-cost office space to safeguard their ongoing viability.

Following this business planning process, an expression of interest (EOI) was developed to identify an experienced not-for-profit agency to:


Manage and occupy the building (including bookings)

Seek appropriate partners

Deliver a range of visual and/or performing arts programs including workshops, exhibitions and concerts,

Promote arts activities.

Develop and maintain an active arts membership database.

Provide professional development opportunities for existing and emerging artists.

Explore further opportunities to expand service delivery and raise revenue to sustain and build the arts program.

RPS then developed an implementation and evaluation plan recognising the essential role of arts and culture in expanding and developing the City of Swan's tourism industry.

analysis of visitors’ participation in arts and cultural activities while they are in the region was also provided, while an extensive literature review and case study assessment of several arts and cultural centres across WA and Australia guided the evaluation.

Our team was able to demonstrate that proposed upgrades at MJAC can support expanded arts and culture programs, higher visitation and improved community services, and the business plan is currently forming a funding submission to Lotterywest.

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