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Melbourne Airport Runway Development Program VIC

Melbourne Airport Runway Development Program VIC

Melbourne Airport expects to handle significantly more aircraft and passengers in the next few decades. To accommodate this growth the airport has initiated the Runway Development Program. This program will see the construction of the airport’s third runway, as well as the extension of an existing runway and the upgrade of taxiways.

RPS has been engaged to carry out a climate change risk assessment for the Runway Development Program. We are assessing the current and future risks from climate and other natural events to the construction and operation of the new and extended runways. We are also working with the airport to identify measures to manage these risks. Our work will help the airport to build a runway that is resilient throughout its full operational life of several decades.

This project has allowed us to combine our extensive experience of both the aviation sector and climate risk. To identify and evaluate the risks we have consulted airport staff and the contracted design teams. We also ran a risk assessment workshop with these key stakeholders. We will be engaging the airport’s design team to discuss our findings and ensure that any significant risks are taken into account.


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