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Margaret River Surfers Point, WA

Margaret River Surfers Point, WA

The upgrade of Margaret River Surfers Point has created a world class recreation, environmental and tourism precinct, capable of hosting the World Surfing League international event while still respecting the unique natural elements of the site. Through extensive public consultation with the community, in particular local surfers, stakeholder groups and the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, RPS’ landscape architects developed an in depth understanding of community values, expectations, surfing culture and local traditions, which were vital to the re-design of the foreshore.

Key design objectives included:

maintaining the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and respecting the horizon

celebrating surf culture and local stories

connecting the coast from Riflebutts Parkland through to the Rivermouth

providing refuge and shelter and places for recreation in all weather

environmentally sustainable design to enhance and regenerate the fire damaged landscape

integrating built form and landscape outcomes

accommodating major events including the World Surf League Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

The sensitive integration of public art from local artist and craftsmen is a major element of the project with pieces to be discovered rather than stand above the landscape values of the site. The hidden stories of the site, of surfer history and heritage, inspired the narrative of the design. They influenced the movements, design aesthetics and led to specific celebratory elements including the ‘Stairs of Champions’.

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