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Maitland River Concept Study, Pilbara, WA

Maitland River Concept Study, Pilbara, WA

Iron Ore Holdings Ltd (IOH) proposed to develop the Maitland River Project, which is a complex mix of magnetite, hematite and goethite. The proposed project is located approximately 50 km south-west of Karratha, close to the Sino Iron operations, which is a similar orebody.

It is understood that Iron Ore Holdings (IOH) were considering multiple mining options, from a low volume operation which would be mined in conjunction with other IOH deposits to a larger standalone operation. The objective of this study was to provide assistance to IOH and other specialist consultants, in the development of a Concept Study report for the Maitland River magnetite project, particularly with respect to water supply, dewatering and water management.

The study conducted by RPS has outlined local and regional hydrogeology and surface water environment, assessed the site specific hydrologic and hydrogeological properties, predicted groundwater inflows to the proposed mine and groundwater level drawdowns in response to dewatering, assessed potential impacts of mining/dewatering and surface water management on groundwater quality, quantity and other users.

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