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Koombana Bay Marine Structures, WA

Koombana Bay Marine Structures, WA

RPS, in partnership with GHD, has been engaged by the South West Development Commission (SWDC) to undertake a Public Environmental Review (PER) of the Koombana Bay Marine Structures project in Bunbury, Western Australia.

RPS’ environment team with support from GHD’s Bunbury Team, will undertake studies and investigations and prepare key environmental assessment documentation. The team will also coordinate and undertake public and stakeholder consultation, and assist and guide the SWDC in obtaining environmental approvals for the Koombana Bay Marine Structures project, as directed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

RPS’ environment team previously provided scoping and gap analysis, managed the environmental referrals for the Koombana Bay Marine Structures Project, and the technical studies and writing of the Strategic PER for the Inner Harbour Structure Plan. GHD have recently completed the Bunbury Inner Harbour PER.

In assessing the Koombana Bay Marine Structures as a Strategic PER proposal, the EPA aims to provide greater certainty (and transparency) for the Bunbury community and allow stakeholders to conduct more informed long-term planning for their own operations in Koombana Bay and the Port of Bunbury.

The Koombana Bay Marine Structures Project is a component of the Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront (TBW) project. The TBW aims to complete the redevelopment of Bunbury’s central business district to the water’s edge and position Bunbury as one of the State’s major regional centre for the next 30 years. It is designed to immediately grow Bunbury’s contribution to State tourism, fast track the development of the region’s marine industry addressing existing marine facility shortages and demand in the Region whilst building capacity and creating a significant new mixed use development precinct on the waterfront.

RPS economics team were previously engaged by the SWDC to prepare a business case and Royalties for Regions funding submission for Stage 1, which was allocated $24.9 million funding in the 2016 State budget.

RPS also prepared an economic and social impact assessment technical report to inform the development of a business case for Stage Two, which received $20.73 million of Royalties for Regions investment.

RPS’ landscape architecture team designed the Koombana Bay Foreshore Masterplan. The Masterplan involved extensive community and stakeholder engagement and was used to support the economics business case.

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