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Joondalup City Centre, WA

Joondalup City Centre, WA

RPS has been engaged by the City of Joondalup to prepare an economic development plan for Joondalup City Centre and advice on its activity centre plan.


Developing an understanding of the likely future of the city and how different trends and investments might influence its development over time, our team assessed current land use patterns to define the centre’s current role and historic trends. Development feasibility and land use economic assessments were subsequently undertaken to determine key drivers for land use into the future.

A whole-of-economy model was developed for the city centre which explored potential outcomes across a range of sectors including commercial office space, retail floorspace, entertainment and civic services, service commercial business, visitor economy, education and research sector and health sector. Industry-specific sub-models were also created and the role of mega-trends, regional competition and local characteristics were all recognised in the scenario that was selected for the city.

Using this comprehensive modelling approach us not only allowed us to provide the City of Joondalup with an understanding of how specific investment strategies could help yield positive outcomes for the community, but also the various opportunities and constraints that it might face in implementation.

For example, it was identified that the city centre is more advanced than other Strategic Metropolitan Centres in Perth and should act as a second CBD for Perth’s north. However, this requires the attraction of highly skilled professional service employment opportunities to better reflect the skillsets of the catchment, while education and health sector expertise must be expanded at the same time.

Supporting the structure plan, a practical, innovative and implementable Economic Development Plan has been drafted which details the opportunities to be pursued by the City and relevant stakeholders in order to achieve this vision.

The EDP provides momentum for the continual transformation of the city centre towards offering diverse job and career opportunities, high quality services and vibrant community life. It is a roadmap that builds on previous plans and complements the Joondalup City Centre Structure Plan and draft Perth and Peel @3.5million.

While developing the EDP, our team also provided assistance and input into the preparation of a revised structure plan for the centre; advising on the viability of proposals and potential economic and social development outcomes.

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