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Googong Township, NSW

Googong Township, NSW

Googong Township Proprietary Limited (GTPL) – a partnership between Canberra Investment Corporation (CIC) and Mirvac, is responsible for the development of the new Googong Township that will be located in the Canberra region, around 7 km south of Queanbeyan in NSW.

The new Googong Township will be home to about 16,000 people and developed over the next 25 years. The township is designed around an integrated water cycle (IWC), with a dedicated Water Recycling Plant (WRP) that will reduce the consumption of potable water in the community by around 60 per cent and recycle the township’s water for non-potable use.

The Googong Township IWC Project is being constructed and operated in stages to ensure the infrastructure is correctly sized to meet the incremental level of demand. Construction of Stage 1 is underway and includes a new Water Recycling Plant, temporary reservoirs for recycled and potable water, pumping stations and mains pipework (including rising and distribution mains) for sewage, recycled water and potable water being built across two Local Government Areas.

RPS (formerly Manidis Roberts) has been involved in the Googong Township IWC Project since 2006. We act in an ongoing environmental management and support role to GTPL, providing a range of specialist services from environmental assessment, sustainability advice, communications (community engagement and council/regulator liaison), compliance tracking, auditing, and environmental management.

RPS was responsible for the preparation of the Environmental Assessment and Submissions Report to obtain approval under the now repealed Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. We also co-ordinated the controlled activity referral required under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity and Conservation Act 1999.

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