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Fitzgibbon Chase, Brisbane, QLD

Fitzgibbon Chase, Brisbane, QLD

Fitzgibbon Chase represents a rare opportunity to create a transit orientated community on a site located only 12 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD.

RPS is the lead master planning consultant engaged by the ULDA for this 114 hectare major land holding in a declared Urban Development Area. Fitzgibbon Chase will deliver approximately 1,350 dwellings with a diverse range of living options integrated with community facilities, a mixed use centre and conservation areas.

RPS was also a key master planning consultant in the preparation of the broader Fitzgibbon Development Scheme. A key objective of this structure planning process included specific requirements by the ULDA for delivering affordable housing options. In addition to this, RPS was a contributor to the creation of the Residential 30 Guideline to deliver diversity in new neighbourhood development, and the first suite of Practice Notes to provide practical guidance on how residential developments can achieve more diversity to meet the changing needs of our communities.

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