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Facilities (Property, Distribution and Warehousing)

Facilities (Property, Distribution and Warehousing)


Public and private sector organisations increasingly need to demonstrate how assets can be operated more efficiently over the total asset lifecycle. 

Many organisations are looking for ways to drive efficiencies, enabling optimum use of available resources and funding. Whilst property is not ‘core business’ for many organisations, it often supports that business' capacity to operate or deliver its services.

Managing and maintaining large distributed complex property portfolios presents particular challenges in terms of matching supply with demand, service delivery, capital and recurrent funding decisions and compliance management.

RPS provides a range of services that help organisations to effectively and efficiently manage their property portfolios, including: 

Institutional buildings

Public housing assets

Community facilities

Network operations centres

Data centres

Busines / service support facilities

Warehousing, logistics and distribution centres.

We assist clients in the development of operating models and strategies, governance frameworks, tools for effective reporting and decision making, investment planning, asset management strategies, operational reviews and benchmarking, procurement of major service contracts and compliance management systems.

Our team has had leading advisory roles in property portfolio services for clients including Department of Finance and Services (NSW), Sydney Water, NSW Police Force, Brisbane Airport, Road and Maritime Services (NSW) and Land and Housing Corporation (NSW).


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