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Economic Impact of Regional Events Study, WA

Economic Impact of Regional Events Study, WA

Encompassing day and overnight tourists, business travellers, people visiting friends and family and short term workers, ‘visitation’ is a growing tourism market segment - one estimated to have contributed the equivalent of $116.7 billion to the Australian economy in 2015/16.

Visitation has a direct economic impact on a region’s economy, with visitor expenditure supporting local businesses such as accommodation, retail outlets, tourism services, event centres, cultural activities, restaurants and bars. At a local level, events are increasingly seen as an important tool for growing visitation, attracting new visitors and extending visitor stays.

To guide the future activities and resourcing decisions of Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) and other local authorities in relation to visitation and events, RPS has been engaged to undertake a research study to identify and calculate the economic value of community events delivered in 2016/17.

Through desktop research, stakeholder consultation and attendee surveying, our research will provide a profile of the benefits of eight regional events, with a particular focus on the contribution to local expenditure and job creation.

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