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Collector Wind Farm, NSW

Collector Wind Farm, NSW

RPS (as Whelans InSites) was engaged as survey, spatial and planning consultants by a local resident group, to help them review the Environmental Assessment submitted by the proponent of a proposed windfarm on the outskirts of Collector, NSW and to assist the group in their submissions.

As part of their community consultation and visual impact assessment obligations under the planning guidelines, the proponent produced a series of photomontages to demonstrate the visual impact of the proposed turbines from the village and selected properties.

The initial photomontages produced by the proponent for community consultation showed the proposed turbines had a minimal visual impact.

RPS produced photomontages using our certified survey accurate photomontage process from similar locations. This process, utilising a range of survey, spatial, photogrammetric and camera techniques enabled RPS to produce highly accurate photomontages that mirror the human eye perspective from the same spot.

The resulting photomontages demonstrated that the proposed turbines had an obvious and significant visual impact and resulted in the proponent having to reproduce its photomontages using a more technical and accurate process.

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