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Canning City Centre, WA

Canning City Centre, WA

RPS has been engaged to provide a range of research, insights and advice as the City of Canning it plans a revitalisation of it's city centre.

After preparing a range of strategies and assessments to support the development of a City Structure Plan, Council realised that more research was required to ensure allocated resources would allow for the aspirational targets set to be achieved (e.g. for a population of 10,000 residents).

Our team’s research provides an evidence base to inform investment and delivery strategy while identifying opportunities to facilitate quality residential development outcomes that will lead to positive change. The analysis formed a basis for the City’s strategic planning and has also helped Council to understand the development potential across its own land holdings.

Following this initial analysis, RPS was subsequently engaged to provide insights into economic development opportunities across all sectors in the city centre’s economy, and to prepare the Canning City Centre Regeneration Program, in partnership with Urbanism.

Our team developed a whole-of-economy model for the city centre which included assumptions regarding industry relationships and the impact of emerging scenarios on businesses, civic services, housing, transport infrastructure and more. The modelling approach was supported by local data input from the City, consultation, and an input-output modelling approach using published supply chain linkage assumptions from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

With economic analysis on hand to inform the identification of projects and initiatives in line with State Government due diligence requirements, RPS and Urbanism then worked with the City to develop a prioritisation framework and develop mini business cases for a range of priority initiatives and projects.

Each mini business case included detailed analysis of expected outcomes, costs and strategies for project implementation, with outcomes informed by the developed model.

The regeneration program identified $250 million in projects to be implemented across the city centre, as well as organisational change recommendations.

In April 2017, the City of Canning Council approved the regeneration program, with the $22 million stage one works to be implemented between 2017 and 2021.

RPS has been engaged to support other investment decision-making process by the City, including:

  • The development of advice regarding the movement of energy utilities infrastructure in the city centre underground, with a focus on the maximisation of quality built form outcomes.

    The assessment of road and pedestrian infrastructure options along Cecil Avenue as a catalyst for increased private investment.

    A high level cost/benefit assessment for routing the Albany Highway underground.

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