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Aura, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Aura, Sunshine Coast, QLD

As the largest masterplanned community ever developed in Australia under single ownership, Aura is shaping up to be one of the nation's most integrated, sustainable and liveable cities.


Innovation and collaboration delivers integrated masterplan

RPS' multi-disciplinary team has worked closely with client Stockland over a number of years, providing urban planning, urban design, survey, environmental management and open space concept advice to shape this landmark community.

Our team secured statutory approvals for Aura's masterplan, which has scope for up to 20,000 homes, 20 schools and education facilities, 200km of bike paths and walkways and 400 hectares of green space. The plan forms the blueprint for a highly integrated community that will one day be home to around 50,000 people.

The RPS team has also provided structure planning, concept and detailed design for Aura's first major precinct - Baringa - which incorporates the community's first 1,800 dwellings and an integrated education hub.

Education, sustainability and lifestyle all part of the plan

Connection with education and employment opportunities has been a key part of the brief for Aura, and our urban designers have worked hard to ensure central positioning of learning facilities across the masterplan. Each is closely integrated with surrounding centres, open space and neighbourhoods, and an integrated active transport network is designed to connect residents with commercial areas and other amenities.

Sustainability and lifestyle have also been central to the design and planning process, with strategies put in place to manage the community's environmental footprint and enhance biodiversity, while offering affordable housing options and plenty of community facilities.
Detailed development controls for land use and built form have been prepared by RPS to ensure alignment with this design and development vision as the community grows. 

Housing diversity = community prosperity

The holistic approach to sustainability has helped Aura secure the country's highest independent recognition for community sustainability - a coveted 6 Star Green Star - Communities certification from the Green Building Council of Australia.

Aura's design includes strategies not just for environmental sustainability but for economic and social wellbeing and resilience, too. Housing options play a key role, with the masterplan including scope not just for the traditional detached houses so often associated with greenfield communities, but for a diverse range of terraces, apartments and multi-family homes.

To date, Stockland has seen extremely high levels of interest in Aura, with the community growing rapidly as new residents and businesses make it their home.

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