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Affordable Housing Needs Analysis, WA

Affordable Housing Needs Analysis, WA

RPS has been engaged by the Western Australian Department of Housing to prepare a Regional Affordable Housing Needs Model.

The multi-variable housing needs model developed by our team helps the Department to understand where locations of need are across Western Australia, and to prioritise future investment. This specialised model is designed to build capacity over time by allowing baseline demand to be tested on an ongoing basis.

Based on changing demographic and gentrification patterns, our team’s model projects demand by dwelling and household type, allowing current and future demand for specific affordable housing products  - such as independent living units for elderly residents - to be tested and tracked in a directed way.

RPS developed an instructions manual and delivered training presentations to the Department, and today the model is used to identify and test residential development opportunities in regional areas of the state.

Following the success of our Affordable Housing Needs Model, RPS has been engaged by the Department in a commercial advisory capacity; developing bespoke models that allow the government to assess specific markets.

Examples include modelling and advice on market demand and need, product positioning, staging and product opportunities across development sites in Rockingham, Girrawheen, Port Hedland, Fremantle and North Coogee.

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