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Industry accolades for RPS Chief Sediment Scientist

Industry accolades for RPS Chief Sediment Scientist


    RPS Chief Sediment Scientist, Piers Larcombe, has been recognised by the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) with the prestigious ‘Eric Anderson Award’ for best article contribution to the Australian Journal of Environmental Management in 2016-17.

    Appearing in the Journal’s June 2017 issue, ‘Managing marine environments and decision-making requires better application of the physical sedimentary sciences’ was co-authored by Larcombe and Murdoch University’s Angus Morrison-Saunders.

    Piers said both he and Angus were extremely honoured to receive the award, presented recently at the EIANZ's annual conference gala in Wellington.

    “We raised a series of thought-provoking concepts in the article, questioning whether the use of sedimentary science for the management of marine environments lags behind that used for terrestrial settings,” he said.

    The EIANZ judging panel, made up of leading academics Dr Paul Eagles (Canada), Dr Claire Freeman (New Zealand), Dr Geoff Syme (Australia) and Dr Bec McIntyre (Australia) said Larcombe and Morrison-Saunders’ article was “one of the most challenging [to be published] in Australian Journal of Environmental Management for some time.”

    “It recognises the scientific difficulties in dealing with marine sediment issues in policy, identifies extremely important flaws in the current EIA system and, importantly, addresses potential ways forward”.

    For Piers, the award is not just recognition for their work, but represents an important opportunity to improve how marine ecosystems are understood and managed across Australasia into the future.

    "I hope that the additional recognition the award brings can help to boost the use of sedimentary sciences in marine environmental management, and can influence the direction of marine science regulation so that it can better perform its very necessary role in helping protect the marine environment,” he said

    Enquiries: Lauren Bonser, RPS Communications Specialist on (07) 3237 8899

    12 November 2017