2020 Environmental Regulations

It is the season to prepare for regulatory deadlines including Tier II, Hazardous Waste Reports, and Air Emissions. Below is a list of upcoming regulatory deadlines.

Regulatory Deadlines

  • Tier II: March 1st - Reporting applies to facilities that store over 10,000 pounds of a material with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). For extremely hazardous substances (EHSs), such as ammonia in refrigeration systems, there are lower reporting thresholds of 500 pounds or less.

  • Biennial Hazardous Waste Reports: March 1st - Reporting is required every two years and applies to Large Quantity Generators (LQGs) of hazardous waste. The reporting includes the quantity and nature of hazardous waste generated, and whether the hazardous waste was sent for recycling, treatment, storage, or disposal.

  • Air Emissions Reporting: January 30th - The requirements vary by state, but could be as soon as January 30th. Generally facilities that have an air permit are subject to these reporting requirements.

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