RPS in Canada

Seismic Operations

Our expertise covers 2D, 3D, time lapse (4D), ocean bottom cable (OBC) and multi-component (4C) seismic projects and includes explosive, airgun and vibroseis sources and specialist modes of transport, e.g. helicopters and airboats. Additionally we have experience in offshore Controlled Source Electro Magnetic (CSEM) techniques.

Our personnel can provide supervisory services plus technical and HSE audits to monitor both the technical and commercial conduct of the project, procedures for the deployment of source/recording systems and receivers, while ensuring safe practice. RPS can provide a flexible approach to the provision of these support services. Input can range from detailed input on specific points to undertaking larger modules of work as required by each client and project

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What we provide

Seismic survey and geodetic field supervision

Geodetic and positioning audit services

Field based data processing quality control

Environmental Impact Assessments

Checking of crew procedures for equipment testing and maintenance

Identification of errors in procedures and equipment handling

Checking of operating parameters of recording system and source control equipment

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