West Benhar Wind Farm


West Benhar Wind Farm, near Shotts

Partnerships for Renewables

RPS was commissioned to undertake and manage the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and planning application for an eight turbine (132m high) wind farm development within West Benhar Forest near Shotts.

The project was commissioned under RPS’s framework agreement with Partnerships for Renewables (PfR). The proposed wind farm is located within a commercial forestry plantation and is being developed by PfR in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS).

RPS was responsible for managing the layout and detailed design of the proposed wind farm, taking into account visual, environmental and ground stability constraints as well as consultee and public feedback.

A key element of the design process was ensuring that the design of the proposed wind farm ensures optimal compatibility with the existing and proposed future forestry operation of the site. This involved a staged design process whereby the existing forest design plan was used to inform the layout and design of the proposals.

Planning permission for the proposed wind farm was granted in December 2014.