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Building Services Engineering

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The scope and content of Building Services Engineering is often underestimated. With increased pressure to develop greener and more sustainable buildings, the role of the Building Services engineer has expanded even further.

In our experience the fully collaborative and interactive Architect/Engineer relationship necessary to create a high standard of environmental building is seldom realised in practice. We consequentially seek to forge such alliances at an early stage, and build on established relationships.

We are not afraid to go beyond the tried and tested, and willingly adopt new technologies wherever applicable, going back to first principles and adopting radical deviations from the norm. However, any such proposals are fully model tested and simulated prior to final design detailing to test their operational viability.

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Our services include:

Building Services Engineering

Horizontal & Vertical Transportation

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Environmental Issues

Plumbing & Fire Protection

Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

Construction Administration

Cost Planning & Control

Project Management Services

Sustainable Design

Computer Simulation & Dynamic Modelling

Electrical Testing & Inspection

Value Engineering

BREEAM Assessors

Low Carbon Consultants

Control System Engineering

IT Wiring Infrastructures

Public Health Engineering

3D & 2D CAD Production

Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Electrical Installations

Functional and Feature Lighting Design

Fire Detection and Security Alarm installations.

Case Studies

Media City

Media City


University of Salford

RPS provided Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services to develop the base build design for this development situated in the heart of the new BBC “Media City”.

The building consists of 14 storeys, each with a floor plate of 3,500m2. The University will effectively occupy four storeys from the ground floor upwards with the Media Department being the main occupying department.

The building includes TV and Radio Studios, Specialist Video Editing Rooms, Teaching Spaces, Café, Specialist IT Rooms, PC Suites and general break out spaces.

Dedicated air handling plant for the TV and Radio Studios and specialist ventilation and cooling were provided to meet the specific requirements of the fit-out.

Due to the nature of the operation a significant emphasis was placed on the acoustic impact of the plant and equipment to achieve a requirement for very low noise levels but high cross talk attenuation measures.

Newcastle Hospitals PFI

Newcastle Hospitals PFI

Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

RPS undertook the detail design for the Mechanical and Electrical Services for the major £300 million redevelopment of two operational hospitals procured under HMG’s PFI procurement vehicle.

The Royal Victoria Infirmary comprises over 65,000m2 of new build facilities in the centre of the site and dissects the primary service route of the existing hospital.

The facilities provide a focus for trauma services and comprise Adult and Paediatric Theatre Suites, Adult ITU, PICU, A&E and Paediatric A&E, Pathology, Radiology, Hydrotherapy, 60 person Medicinema, Roof Top Helipad, Dermatology, Outpatients Department, Mortuary, Infectious Diseases Unit incorporating VHF Suite and a Clinical Offices Building incorporating an Education Centre, 150 seat lecture theatre and department offices.

The development also incorporates the new Great North Children’s Hospital with Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Suites facilities for Severe Combined Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (SCIDS), Oncology wards and a Teenage Cancer Treatment facility.

The works at the Freeman Hospital constituted a 22,000m2 new development to house The Northern Centre for Cancer Care and won the Building Better Healthcare Award for Best Hospital Design in 2008.

The aim has been to achieve a facility which is largely naturally ventilated. Natural ventilation is supplemented by mechanical ventilation and in some cases cooling/air conditioning where the internal temperatures conditions could not be controlled within the trusts defined limits by natural ventilation alone.

The use of natural light has been encouraged by the use of a central atrium which greatly assists with daylight penetration. Glazing has been selected for the optimum balance of daylight, heat gain and glare. Artificial lighting is daylight controlled so reducing energy consumption.

Detailed Dynamic Thermal modelling has been carried out for all buildings in order to select glazing type, solar shading and to forecast energy consumption for each building.

Project Unity

Project Unity, SCAN


University of Manchester

RPS provided Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services for Project Unity, the merger of the University of Manchester and UMIST to form one of the largest Universities in Europe. 

The merger creates circa £400m of construction activity on the campus and RPS were appointed as Mechanical and Electrical Framework Consultants.

The Universities flagship building, SCAN (Student Centre & Nursing) was our first appointment and included a new build, landmark building to house over 330,000ft2 of academic and ancillary functions and an Administration Block, Canteen / Refectory / Kitchens and 300 Student Beds.

We worked closely with the architects to develop a building form that will wherever possible, promote passively engineered solutions to environmental control and occupier comfort in line with the new Universities policy to reduce energy consumption across the Campus.

Key Sustainable Low Carbon Features

Natural Ventilation

Central Atrium return air path

Displacement Ventilation in key areas

Night Cooling

Daylight Linked Lighting

Central Energy Centre with Flue Heat Recovery

Very Good Rated BREEAM

Exposed soffit for night time cooling

Good Passive design

District Heating System.

Robin Hood Airport

Robin Hood Airport


Peel Airports

RPS provided Mechanical and Electrical designs for the first international airport to be constructed in the UK in 40 years.

The Airport was created from a disused 900 acre RAF Airfield in fifteen months. RPS provided Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Vertical Transportation, Baggage Handling & Acousic Services to the 16,000m2, energy conscious development including a five story Passenger Terminal Building, Rescue Fire Fighting Station and an Air Traffic Control Tower, which incorporates lighting control, rainwater harvesting, heat recovery, and a mixture of inverter driven air conditioning strategies including displacement ventilation.

Our practical and commercial discussions secured the primary energy sources of a 17 MVa HV power supply and a 20 MW medium pressure gas supply. Three new HV ring mains, MP gas, and water distribution networks form the backbone of the site infrastructure which serve both airside and landside facilities.

Future proofed CCTV and access control with information flow through a single backbone structured voice, data, PABX and Airport Operational Database (AODB) is provided.

Away from the Terminal Building Automatic Car Registration Number Plate Recognition were provided to the ticket barrier controlled car parks, and drop off points, all covered by secure lighting and street lighting systems.

Rochdale Municipal Offices

Rochdale Municipal Offices


Rochdale MBC

RPS provided Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services for 28,000m² of council and NHS office space including a new public library and customer services point.

RPS also provided Acoustics and Fire Engineering expertise and helped the development to achieve its target of an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating.

The riverside offices were built on the former Yelloway bus depot’s riverside site and accommodate approximately 2,000 employees from the council and partner organisations.

This is the second Local Authority Headquarters office project awarded to RPS in recent times with the firm providing the same services on Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s new 40,000ft2 office building.