RPS is the leading provider of professional and field-based support services to the water industry.

With extensive experience and an enviable reputation within the water industry, RPS is the leading provider of clean and waste water support services. We work together with all UK water companies and The Environment Agency to deliver cost efficient results through the strategic planning and management of water services.

Case Studies

Impact of Climate Change on Demand

Impact of Climate Change on Demand Impact of Climate Change on Demand

UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) and Environment Agency

RPS was commissioned to derive evidence based estimates of the impact of climate change on the future demand for water.

A model was produced in partnership with HR Wallingford to enable water companies to confidently adjust demand forecasts for PR14. Key tasks comprised of analysis of weather–water demand relationships to derive statistically robust estimates of the impact of climate change on both domestic and commercial components of water demand. These derived relationships underpinned simulated climate change scenarios which ultimately provided the evidence to advise water companies on adjustments to water demand calculations.

The scope of the project included; a comprehensive literature review to fully understand the impact of climate change on demand, conduct an industry based workshop to present the methodology and engage with key stakeholders to fully understand their requirements and preferences, weather-water demand analysis, and facilitate a dissemination workshop to present the conclusions of the research and effectively communicate recommendations for adjusting water demand forecasts.

Maidenhead Ditch National Environment Programme

Maidenhead Ditch National Environment Programme Investigation Maidenhead Ditch National Environment Programme Investigation

South East Water/Jacobs

In recent years it was thought that South East Water's groundwater abstractions in Maidenhead were contributing to the lowering of water levels in the Maidenhead Ditch.

RPS supported the completion of an AMP5 Low Flow impact assessment of the Maidenhead Ditch with Jacobs, to assess the potential impacts of abstraction on the local water environment.

Our Hydrogeological services included observation borehole design and drilling supervision, pump test design and interpretation, tracer tests, groundwater modelling review, groundwater level and flow analysis and stakeholder consultation.

Southern Water Leakage Detection

Southern Water Leakage Detection

Southern Water Services Limited

RPS was commissioned by Southern Water Services (SWS) to manage and detect leaks across the distribution network, maintain PRV's as well as conducting trunk main surveys and data collection for leakage allowance analysis.

RPS supplied all required resources over a 5 year period to complete the leakage tasks and ensure that SWS met its regulatory leakage targets from 2005 to 2010.

RPS managed the leakage in 809 DMA containing 1 million properties and 12,000km of mains. RPS also completed bi-annual surveys on 1,700km of trunk mains, undertook over 8,000 meter reads for studies and maintained the 455 PRV.

Throughout the delivery of this contract, RPS provided many benefits to SWS and these included:

Over 46,000 leaks found pro-actively and 11,000 leaks re-actively over the 5 years and passed to the R&M contractor for repair. Equivalent to around 360 Ml/d.

The award winning partnership delivered the lowest leakage levels in the country in 2005/06 (drought) of 5.6 m3/km/d, and was recognised by industry bodies including Utility Week and SBWWI.

In addition to these benefits, RPS was able to support SWS in other activities, including Distribution Support and Standby, training of SWS staff in National Hygiene and Valve Ops, PRV optimisation and designs, leakage reporting software support, leakage allowance analysis and June Return reporting.

Thames Water - Waternet

Waternet™ Installation, Reading Waternet™ Installation, Reading

Thames Water

Thames Water commissioned RPS to replace existing RPS products of MAVIS and PMARS with a single solution. Waternet™ now provides Thames Water the ability to design and monitor all aspects of Pressure Management and Meter Auditing:

PMA Schemes and Savings

PRV Maintenance records and costs

Meter Verification Details

Meter uncertainty and replacement prioritisation

RPS has also provided an integration module for Waternet™ to assist Thames Water in producing their Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) for the next 25 years.

Water Efficiency Audits

Water Efficiency Audits Water Efficiency Audits

Highland Council

RPS undertook a programme of Water Efficiency Audits for Highland Council on behalf of Business Stream, covering 30 sites in the North of Scotland.

RPS has also provided an integration module for Waternet™ to assist Thames Water in producing their Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) for the next 25 years.

As part of their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their business operations, Highland Council are committed to reducing water consumption across their facilities in Scotland, with a view to achieving sustainable cost savings. Our work followed a water efficiency benchmarking exercise carried out by Business Stream, which identified existing levels of water usage across Highland Council's property portfolio and highlighted potential year-on-year savings of up to £100,000.

As part of an ongoing water efficiency strategy RPS undertook prioritised site-specific audits to identify opportunities for potential savings to be realised.

Yorkshire Water

Leak Detection Leak Detection

Yorkshire Water

RPS was awarded the contract to provide Leakage Detection Services to Yorkshire Water. The aim of the contract was to reduce leakage to the levels desired by the client on time and to budget, whilst developing a successful partnering relationship.

Local RPS teams and working team leaders, were set up to work closely with client leakage managers and our client’s goals were clearly defined and understood by all teams.

Clear understanding of project targets combined with prudent project, people, cost and relationship management, people development and project expertise meant that all the client's requirements were delivered on time and within budget.

The strong relationship between RPS and Yorkshire Water continues today.