Wave and Tidal


RPS plays a leading role in the development of wave and tidal renewable ocean energy systems nationally and internationally.

We have over 30 years experience in the wave and tidal energy sector and have designed several of the world's pioneering devices. We have in-depth experience in supporting marine renewable developers through the complete cycle of development from preliminary R&D, through model testing at various scales, detailed design and ultimately prototype deployment. Our skill base includes wave and tidal site resource modelling and evaluation, foundation and device mechanical and structural design, development of installation methodologies and naval architecture associated with the deployment phase. We also have extensive experience in environmental evaluation, EIA's and management of the planning process for marine renewable devices.

We deliver services to developers and local and central government authorities on the full range of activities from inception to supply chain and operation.

Our services include:

Resources & Site Analysis

Subsea Base and Geotechnical Design

Tidal Turbine and Wave Energy Converter Design

Consenting and Environmental Impact studies

Installation and Deployment Design

Fabrication Support

Contract & Procurement Services

Health and Safety

Supply Chain Development


Port Infrastructure Support Design


Tidal Energy Information Sheet

Wave Energy Information Sheet

Maritime Infrastructure Capability Sheet

Case Studies



Openhydro Group

RPS was part of the team that delivered various step change achievements for Openhydro and for the tidal energy industry.

In the last 5 years, RPS has designed three gravity base structures for Openhydro's 6m, 10m and 16m diameter 1MW turbines. RPS has also been involved in the development of Openhydro's innovative deployment and retrieval methods including design of specialist lifting frames and input into the design of Openhydro's deployment barge "Installer". The 6m base was deployed in EMEC in 2007 and the 10m in Bay of Fundy, Canada in 2009. The latest gravity base and 16m turbine was deployed in French waters in 2011.

RPS has also conducted tidal turbine productivity calculations, provided naval architecture advice and procurement services, compiled contract documents, supervised fabrication and undertaken wave and tidal modelling for Openhydro studies.

Prototype Offshore Drilling

Prototype Offshore Drilling and Deployment Rig for the Installation of foundations for Tidal Energy Convertors

RPS are co-inventors and designers for the drilling frame, permanent foundation frame, drilling and installation technique for a cost effective solution to installing subsea tidal energy devices.

This research and development project includes the concept, preliminary and detailed design of an innovative foundation and deployment technique for the installation of offshore foundation structures for use in the wave and tidal energy sector.

It is hoped that the system will revolutionise the way that tidal arrays are deployed in the future.

RPS has been responsible for the detailed design of the structural and mechanical elements including dynamic and fatigue analysis and coordination and project management of team.

RPS provided a range of services to the project including:

Detailed Design

Design Coordination

Project Management

Solid Works Detailing

Finite Element Analysis

Geotechnical Design.

Tidal Energy Resources in Ireland

Assessment of Tidal Energy Resources in Ireland

Sustainable Energy Ireland

RPS was commissioned to undertake an Assessment of Tidal Energy Resources around the Irish coastline to review existing energy devices.

The works included:

Identification of areas for cost effective exploitation of the resource.

Examination of the technical, economic, legal and other factors that may affect the development of tidal and marine current energy.

Evaluation of large deep water areas of high current velocity with a view to development of second generation deep water devices.

Estimation of the contribution of this resource to the total renewable resource in Ireland for the years up to 2020.

Tidal Flow Marine Turbines

Tidal Flow Marine Turbines

The Department of Trade, Enterprise and Investment (DETI)

RPS, QUB and MCT were commissioned to undertake modelling studies to investigate the potential for utilising the tidal streams off the coast of Northern Ireland for energy generation on a commercial basis, by the deployment of pile-mounted tidal turbines, at selected sites.

In-house computational models of the Northern Irish coastal waters, along with existing information and data on marine currents off the NI coast were utilised to identify the most promising sites for the cost effective development of tidal stream energy resources.

These models were then used to produced contour maps of areas with high current velocities in suitable water depths and assess the likelihood of significant conflicts with other marine users.

RPS provided a range of services to the project including:

Computational Modelling of North Irish Coast

Hydraulic Modelling of Tidal Velocities.

Wavegen Limpet OWC

Wavegen Limpet OWC

QUB and Applied Research and Technology

RPS was appointed to undertake design of an oscillating water column wave power plant with approx 600kW generating capacity.

Rock drilling, blasting and excavation was required at an exposed coastal site to approximately 5½m below MLWS to create a rock pocket for construction of the wave energy device.

RPS designed the three chambered device of 18m wide x 6m deep using the latest Finite Element analysis software and extreme wave loadings impacting on the front wall. Internal pressure and suction also was considered from the moving air column.

The design of the device and construction technique allowed for a protective rock face during construction. On completion this rock face was removed by blasting to create the tapering entrance channel.

RPS Responsibilities:

Maritime Engineering design

Geotechnical design

Contract document preparation and administration