Onshore Wind


Supporting over 100 wind farms with a combined capacity of over 3,000MW since 2008.

Whether developing single turbine projects or large scale onshore wind farms our multi-disciplinary teams have the knowledge and experience required to secure success. Our services span the project life cycle from Site Selection and Engineering though to Stakeholder involvement, Environmental Impact Assessment, Planning consent and Construction Management.

RPS offers developers a comprehensive range of environmental experts on topics pertinent to the majority of onshore wind proposals such as Ornithology, Bats, Noise, Access, Landscape and Visual alongside site specific issues requiring specialists in fields such as peat assessment, settings of historic places and residential visual amenity.

When looking to acquire projects with complex histories our Due Diligence service benefits from our specific onshore wind experience and expertise. Our work highlights risks or potential delays to project delivery and presents possible solutions.

Following consent, we are experienced at discharging conditions and dealing with additional surveys that may be required.

RPS also offers a comprehensive planning appeals service preparing statements of case, proofs of evidence and rebuttals and appearing as expert witnesses at onshore wind farm public inquiries.

Amongst the services we have provided in the onshore environs are:

Flood risk


Landscape architecture




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Case Studies

Alaska Windfarm

Alaska Wind Farm, Dorest

Purbeck Wind Farm LLP

RPS obtained planning permission for four 125m high turbines following a successful appeal against the Local Authority's decision to refuse planning permission.

RPS provided all the Planning and Environmental support including preparation of the Environmental Statement for the proposal located in a quarry surrounded by heathland. A range of environmental surveys were undertaken including nightjar surveys using thermal imaging cameras.

Constraints mapping was used to advise on layout. Suitable routes for turbine delivery to site were identified and mitigation measures proposed to reduce adverse effects were recommended. RPS specialists attended public exhibitions and pre and post application meetings with stakeholders, including early consultation with statutory consultees.

Although RPS managed to secure a council resolution for approval, it was subsequently refused as the Council considered effects could not be addressed by planning conditions. An appeal was lodged followed by a public inquiry. RPS provided expert witnesses for Landscape, Noise and Planning. The appeal was allowed and planning permission granted. The inspector conclused that "the environmental and economic benefits would significantly outweigh the limited degree of harm that could occur"

Isles Wind Farm

Isles Wind Farm, Newton Aycliffe

E.ON Climate and Renewables Ltd

E.ON Climate & Renewables Ltd was developing proposals for a wind farm near Newton Aycliffe, to be the subject of an application for Development Consent under the Planning Act 2008. Extensive consultation had been undertaken with the public and statutory and local bodies. RPS CgMs prepared consultation feedback reports which recorded the issues raised in representations and the company’s responses and explained the resulting changes to the proposal. Following changes to the scheme as a result of consultation feedback it is now to be the subject of a planning application. A revised consultation report will provide supporting evidence for the application.

RPS CgMs was also commissioned to provide the planning input to a written representations appeal. The appeal was against a decision by Durham County Council to refuse permission for the erection of two anemometer masts on land near Newton Aycliffe. The input addressed the potential effect on a Conservation Area and conformity with national, regional and local planning policies and with national energy policies. It also provided a rebuttal of representations to the application. The appeal was upheld.

Llaithddu Wind Farm

Llaithddu Wind Farm, Powys

Fferm Wynt Llaithddu Cyf

RPS led the EIA and Section 36 application submission for a 29 turbine, 66.7MW, wind farm.

The site falls within TAN 8 Strategic Search Area C. RPS worked in conjunction with the developer to design the wind farm layout and scheme, from the outset of the project. Key consultants attended a series of public exhibitions prior to submission of the application.

Our Client's approach to wind farm development is unique in the industry. Its directors are themselves Welsh hill farmers, and their aim is to help their fellow farmers to continue their traditional upland farming way of life through diversification into wind energy. Our Client's objective is to retain over half of the project value in the local economy, a significantly greater proportion than most other UK wind farm projects.

RPS has also provided post submission advice including negotiations with the Local Authority, DECC and various consultees including Cadw, CCW and WG.This has been a complex negotiation process with delays incurred whilst wider Mid Wales issues relating to grid connection and transportation are resolved. The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has given notice that a combined public inquiry will be held for a number of Section 36 application in Mid Wales. RPS is currently preparing for the inquiry.

Moy Wind Farm

Moy Wind Farm

Near Inverness

Carbon Free Developments Ltd

RPS was commissioned to undertake and manage the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), planning application and subsequent planning appeal for a 20 turbine (126.5m high) wind farm development on the Moy Estate near Inverness.

RPS submitted the planning application and supporting EIA on behalf of the developer to The Highland Council.

With the Council failing to determine the planning application within the statutory period, RPS advocated the submission of an appeal against non determination to the Scottish Ministers.

During the appeal, RPS successfully demonstrated to the Reporter that the supplementary planning guidance on which the Council sought to refuse the wind farm did not represent the final view of the Council and therefore should be afforded limited weight in the determination of the appeal.

The wind farm was granted planning permission on appeal.

New Albion Wind Farm

New Albion Wind Farm, Northamptonshire

Infinergy Ltd

RPS provided all of the Planning and Environmental support for the proposed seven turbine, 16.1MW wind farm scheme. The application was approved in line with the Local Authority Planning officer's recommendation for approval.

RPS provided constraints mapping and layout advice for this site from the outset of the project including project managing the Environmental Impact Assessment and all of the topics in the Environmental Statement. Key consultants on Noise, Landscape and Visual, Historic Environment and Ecology attended the public exhibitions.

RPS also provided Historic Environment services, engaging with English Heritage at the design stage due to the proximity of the site to monastic remains. Based on feedback design changes were implemented to reduce the height of the turbines and remove one turbine from the scheme resulting in English Heritage withdrawing their initial objection.

RPS prepared a supporting planning statement and Design and Access statement, and submitted the planning application which went on to be approved. We continue to be involved in the scheme discharging various conditions and providing ongoing advice leading up to and during construction.