LNG is well established as a vital element of our country's gas supply and this looks set to continue. The UK has traditionally met this demand from gas sources through the North Sea but supplies have dwindled which means that the UK has already commenced the importation and use of LNG gas from around the world.

Through project experience, RPS has developed a highly skilled and comprehensive understanding of the LNG market in the UK. Working with some of the industry's leading businesses including ExxonMobil, Qatargas, Qatar Petroleum International, Total Energy and National Grid Gas we have brought a large number of LNG developments to life.

The multi-disciplinary nature of our business makes us well placed to support clients through the development lifecycle, taking projects from planning to design to implementation. RPS has demonstrated, through delivery, that it has the expertise and experience to represent the interests of global companies in their development aspirations for some of the largest energy investment projects in the world.

Case Studies

CHP Power Station

CHP Power Station, South Hook LNG Terminal, Pembrokeshire

Qatar Petroleum International, ExxonMobil, Total Power

Having secured the original permissions for the project, RPS is now advising on the installation of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) station at the site.

The CHP station will produce sufficient electricity to meet all the terminal's needs and allow the export of surplus power (up to 500MW) to the national grid. The heat generated from the power station will be used to heat the LNG for regasification. The result will be greater efficiency and a net reduction in UK CO2 emissions equivalent to removing 600,000 cars from the UK roads.

RPS has provided Planning, Permitting, Project Management and Public Consultation services and has co-ordinated the Environmental Impact Assessment.

The proposal is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. Consequently it requires a Development Consent Order rather than planning permission.

RPS is also advising on the options for securing a connection of the CHP station to the national grid at Pembroke.

LNG Importation Terminal

LNG Importation Terminal, Pembrokeshire

ExxonMobil and Qatar Gas

The South Hook LNG Terminal has been constructed on the site of the former Esso Oil Refinery within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and adjacent to the Milford Haven waterway (an SSSI, Candidate SAC).

RPS advised on the planning and licensing requirements of the project including Hazardous Substances Consents and the need for a Marine Licence from the then MCEU. RPS conducted all the necessary Environmental Impact Assessments (both terrestrial and marine) and worked with the client in the public consultation stages of the project.

RPS secured two separate planning permissions and Hazardous Substances Consents from the Pembrokeshire Coast NPA and Pembrokeshire County Council. We also secured the necessary permit for the Jetty Refurbishment from the MCEU and the Environmental Permit from the Environment Agency. It then secured revised permissions for the project.

RPS continues to advise the South Hook Terminal Company on planning and environmental matters and has secured a number of planning permissions for the Company in recent years which include a Jetty Gatehouse, Contractors Village and the installation of new Liquid Nitrogen Storage Vessels.