North Sea Decommissioning


North Sea Decommissioning is currently a fledgling industry but one that is set to grow over the coming years. Given RPS’s huge workload and reputation in the oil and gas industry and our vast environmental and engineering credentials, RPS are already making a big impact in this sector.

Over half of RPS’s revenue last year was in the oil & gas industry and the North Sea will provide significant work for us over the next decades as many of the old North Sea installations are dismantled and brought back to land.

RPS is already extremely active with major contracts underway for asbestos removal from offshore rigs. In addition to asbestos services, RPS undertake offshore environmental impact assessments to obtain permits for dismantling.

RPS on shore services relevant to North Sea Decommissioning include, planning and consenting of land based facilities, environmental impact assessments, port and marine infrastructure design, marine ecology and design of waste handling and processing buildings.