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RPS specialises in providing Planning, Design and Consultancy services to the food and drink industry for bespoke facilities for both the processing and distribution of ‘foodstuffs’. We provide a highly successful, multi-disciplinary service to our clients based on our vast experience and a detailed understanding of the specific demands on today’s food industry.

With constantly evolving product trends, increasingly tight margins and enormous pressure from regulatory bodies, manufacturers need consultants that produce commercially realistic and practically deliverable designs which match their commitment to sustainable development.

Our service is flexible and tailored to meet individual client needs to allow us to adapt to any changes that come our way. We have have experience of a wide variety of project scenarios; new-builds and refurbishments, greenfield and brownfield sites. We particularly recognise the crucial importance of designing to optimise future flexibility and ensure that operational efficiency and safety of existing facilities is not compromised during construction. Our designers are familiar with the principles of product, people and waste flows, and of production area hygiene segregation.

Case Studies

Dovecote Park, West Yorkshire

Dovecote Park, West Yorkshire Dovecote Park, West Yorkshire

Dovecote Park

RPS has provided Planning services to Dovecote Park for a number of years including securing consent for the redevelopment of an existing site in Green Belt.

As part of their expansion plans, Dovecote looked to redevelop their Stapleton Site to include a canteen, new process and packaging areas, an upgraded abattoir and a new car park. The site is located within Green Belt and thus the expansion, by definition, is an inappropriate development.

RPS put the planning case together demonstrating very special circumstances to overcome the harm to the Green Belt inlcluding the economic and commercial need, operational considerations, a lack of alternative sites and the Scope for Disaggregation and the impact on employment.

We adopted an approach of engagement with the Council, building up a good working relationship prior to submission which proved invaluable in ensuring an expeditious and successful outcome, and ensuring a smooth discharge of conditions, and amendments post permission.

Planning permission was granted unanimously, without any amendment within three months of submitting the application. RPS was retained by the client to provide ongoing advice.

High Bay Warehouse, Wakefield

High Bay Warehouse, Wakefield

Coca Cola

RPS played a multi-disciplinary role in the design of a highly specialised high-bay extension to an existing manufacturing, bottling, warehousing & distribution facility.

The warehouse houses a £15m bespoke automated storage & retrieval system (ASRS). Our Architectural and Engineering designers provided solutions to reduce energy use through environmentally friendly forms of insulation, energy recovery systems in the warehouse cranes and energy generation systems such as photovoltaic cells.

RPS worked closely with the client to manage the project with the minimum of disruption to the environment and the neighbouring areas both during construction and when the upgraded plant is operational

Mitigation measures include:

New landscaping creating natural habitat & screening the site from local residents

Limiting noise impact with the use of landscape mounds & acoustic fencing

External lighting is, by design, not intrusive on neighbouring properties

Retaining all on site excavated materials & re-using where possible in the construction of the new building & external pavements.

Isleport Foods Factory Extension, Somerset

Isleport Foods Factory Extension, Somerset Isleport Foods Factory Extension, Somerset

Isleport Foods

RPS provided Architectural and Civil Engineering designs for an extension to an existing dessert production facility to meet increasing demand

An additional 2,800m2 of production, welfare and despatch space was created through the extension to this facility. A number of key factors had to be taken into account based on the various production areas inside including multi-temperature environment ranges and different , rigorous operational hygiene regimes.

Internally, food-safe finished insulated walls and ceilings were fitted that used a variety of core materials depending on location, area function and fire risk. Floor finishes are a combination of polyurethane resin and granolithic concrete running into either polyurethane coves or stainless steel kerbs.

Throughout the extension project, the facility remained fully operational.

Project Orange, Somerset

Project Orange, Somerset Project Orange, Somerset

Gerber Foods

RPS provided design services for the phased development of a new processing plant for one of the largest drink manufactures in the world.

RPS’ highly skilled project team co-ordinated the crucial interfaces between, the building layout, structure, building services and the process equipment by liaising closely with the plant engineers to ensure the completed facility accommodated the installation of all machinery and plant efficiently and effectively.

Our team provided Architectural, Civil and Structural services to design a facility that exceeded British Standards for a food manufacturing facility. The end result was a food-safe, dust free, chilled, hygienic and low maintenance environment.

Our solutions included dust resistant designs, stainless steel finishes, no fibrous materials or glass within the production environment and bespoke stainless steel effluent drains for varying sugar / acid levels.

The project, which included the design and construction of 56,000 m2 of new facility, was built over three phases, with phase 1 becoming a live operational plant while the subsequent phases were developed.

Sortex Headquarters, London

Sortex Headquarters, London Sortex Headquarters, London


RPS provided designs for a new, purpose built headquarters for the world’s leader in innovation and delivery of sorting machinery for the food processing industry.

The new headquarter development was based on a 16 acre site that was formerly occupied as a gasworks so full remediation services were required to a 500mm level.

The facility was designed in two main blocks. The main factory and production block is on the East side with more space to allow for the possible expansion of the factory, proposed into additional phases. Offices were built to the West, aligned with the road and were designed with the future potential to become the UK head office of Buhler Ltd, Sortex’s parent company.