Unconventional Gas


Uniquely placed to support Shale Gas development in the UK

RPS is uniquely positioned in the UK shale gas market as the only fully integrated energy infrastructure consultant with extensive gas consultancy experience and knowledge of the consenting and environmental requirements.

While shale gas may be new to the UK, RPS have been involved in many projects across USA, Canada, Australia and Far East advising clients on the identification of shale gas resource plays, providing geological, geophysical, seismic and well engineering advice through all stages of investigation and field development.

Combine that with our thorough understanding of energy consenting projects and our comprehensive environmental services and stakeholder and communication services then RPS provide a one stop shop consultancy to shale gas developers or funders. RPS are also experienced in dealing with land registry and land access arrangements.

Although controversy is likely to accompany all shale gas development in UK, RPS understand the key areas of concern including base line monitoring of key receptors, water resourcing, management of wastewaters, traffic impacts, noise and air quality and well integrity. Environmental consultancy is at the core of our business. Our technical approach to communications demonstrates our thorough understanding of this sector and an ability to clearly explain the issues through managed stakeholder, press and media campaigns.

RPS provides the following services:

Geological & reservoir engineering

Independent Reporting

Communications & stakeholder engagement

Geophysical operations

Planning consultancy

Environmental services


Well engineering

Water management

Planning & optimisation of fracture stimulation programme

Gas export planning

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