Seismic and Operations Support

Seismic and Operations Support

For almost thirty years, RPS has provided a full range of operations support for international oil & gas projects. Latterly this has also embraced projects in renewables and nuclear energy. Our Operations Support business has over 250 staff and 800 associates. The wide ranging expertise and experience of this group is a world-class resource that allows RPS Energy to support the operations behind the exploration for, and development of, energy assets around the world. Many of these capabilities are combined in ongoing operations and RPS is unique in the spread of flexible integrated services that it can offer whatever the challenge. Backed by their diverse experience, our senior staff provides important quality control and project management skills, an attribute that has over many years helped our clients to undertake successful, safe and cost effective operations. Our services include:

Environmental Support

Cetacean studies & MMO support



Metocean studies

Renewable Energy

Safety & Health

Seismic Acquisition, Data & Navigation Processing

Site Investigation

Survey & GIS

Unexploded Ordnance

Wellsite & Operations Geology

Tidal Power

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Toss Stubbs

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Larry Barkley

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