The Specialist Geology team offers a complete service of well-log sequence stratigraphic interpretation by combining technical expertise in biostratigraphy, sedimentology and petrophysics. This fully integrated approach enables a more accurate evaluation of well data, inter-well correlation and hydrocarbon play prediction to the upstream oil and gas industry.

The company provides the full range of in-house biostratigraphic, petrophysical, chemical stratigraphy and sedimentological services including PC-based wireline interpretation, from laboratory preparation of samples to complete analysis reports. The technical excellence of the Specialist Geology Group comes from a proven track record in the industry, which has been built up over the past 30 years. A clearer understanding of depositional facies, paleoenvironmental trends and sedimentary processes is gained, on both the small and large scales, by fully integrating all these disciplines within the company.

The Specialist Geology Group has successfully applied sequence stratigraphic principles to its studies in many regions worldwide, in particular West Africa, Southern Atlantic, East Africa, North Africa, South America, the Mediterranean region, the Kurdistan region, NW Europe and the Indian Subcontinent. Our team of geoscientists is highly experienced in Tertiary, Mesozoic and Paleozoic well sections in many of the major sedimentary basins of the world. The following are key elements to our service:

Projects are handled by a team of geoscientists from various disciplines to ensure an integrated approach

Accurate interpretation of paleoenvironments is a priority to our work, leading to a better understanding of the data

The application of sequence stratigraphic principles to all studies from small-scale, through reservoir scale to large-scale regional evaluations

Integration of our high-resolution biostratigraphic interpretation and well-log data with the seismic data can be undertaken on the client’s workstation for improved multi-disciplinary integration

Projects are tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Liaison with the client is maintained throughout a project, and presentations can be given to support partner or government requirements

We routinely provide highly experienced wellsite biostratigraphers in offshore UK/Norwegian, West/East/ North African, the Mediterranean, South American and Eastern European/FSU well operations

Project integration and collaboration with other groups within RPS on various multi-well projects worldwide, working with the geophysicists and site investigation teams. These include studies in the Campo and Santos Basins, Brazil, the Rio Del Rey Basin, Cameroon, the Essaouira Basin, Morocco, offshore Nova Scotia, the North Viking Graben, North Sea, the Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan, Kurdistan, the Outeniqua Basin, South Africa and offshore Cote d’Ivoire

We undertake multi-well, non-proprietary studies – noticeably offshore Norway/Barents Sea, Namibia, Angola and Brazil

Our work can address issues in exploration, appraisal or development phases of an asset lifecycle

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