Irish Scottish Links on Energy Study - ISLES


Irish Scottish Links on Energy Study - ISLES

Governments of Ireland, Northern Ireland & Scotland

Offshore constraints mapping and spatial analysis for tidal, wind and wave resource assessment.

RPS was the lead consultant and contracted party on a study examining the feasibility of constructing an offshore trans-boundary electricity grid linking Ireland, Northern Ireland and the west coast of Scotland. The 18-month INTERREG IVA funded study examined the potential to connect wind, wave and tidal energy sites located across a large geographical area.

This project has required a dedicated Geographic Information Management effort to ensure that all streams of work and each sub-groups input is effectively managed. A comprehensive GIS database was developed by collating datasets from various agencies. The GIS team was involved in the spatial analysis and mapping during the resource assessment (Tidal, Wind and Wave) phase. The team produced the environmental constraints maps for individual disciplines and a composite map by combining and weighting all constraints.