Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP) – North West Region


Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP) – North West Region

EirGrid, Northern Ireland Electricity & SONI


RPS, in association with its sub-consultants TNEI and Babcock Networks, were appointed in January 2009 to undertake Phase 2 of the Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP) on behalf of Eirgrid, Northern Ireland and SONI who operate the system in Northern Ireland.

The primary objective of the RIDP is to facilitate the timely connection of renewable generation in the northern part of the island of Ireland, in accordance with relevant European Directives and in support of renewable energy targets set by the governments of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The RIDP has been split into a series of Phases that will lead to a string of build projects sometime in the future.

The primary objective of Phase 2 of the RIDP was to recommend transmission reinforcement scheme options which will be subject to further consideration in the next Phases of the RIDP. All of the considered scheme options were based on an “all island” approach, involving the coordinated development of transmission infrastructure in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in order to maximise opportunities for system optimisation.

Strategic transmission development options have been identified for the period 2012- 2020 allowing for possible further renewable generation beyond 2020 to accommodate the anticipated levels of renewable generation (primarily wind generation) in the north west of Northern Ireland and in county Donegal (collectively the "northwest"). Previous studies, the All-Island Grid Study and the Phase 1 studies, constituted the preceding steps in considering the future transmission system.

RPS as the lead consultant on this project was responsible for the Project Management, Environmental Study and overall delivery of the project.