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RPS Helps Secure Permission for Kelda’s Yorkshire AD Facility

30 October 2014

RPS Helps Secure Permission for Kelda’s Yorkshire AD Facility

RPS has secured a positive outcome for Kelda Water Services (KWS) as a new Anaerobic Digestion facility gets the green light in Yorkshire.

Detail from wastewater treatment works. sherry wil

The new facility will be based at Knostrop WWTW complex in Leeds and will contribute towards the company’s vision of running half of their sewerage treatment operations using renewable energy. In combination with a permitted wind turbine, the new facility is set to ensure a notable reduction in the client’s reliance on the National Grid while increasing the plant’s energy security for the future.

The proposed AD facility will process up to 48,000 tpa of organic waste sourced from the local area. Total outputs include 2.4MW of electrical energy, 46,555 tpa of liquid digestate and 1,940 tpa of solid digestate. Heat and electricity produced by the facility will be used to power the sewerage treatment operations, whilst the digestate produced will be used as a fertiliser in local agriculture.

RPS provided a multidisciplinary service supporting the planning application, working closely with Leeds City Council through a series of pre-application consultation meetings to finalise the best approach to the planning application and necessary supporting assessments, including subsequent production by us of detailed technical reports to inform the application including:

Landscape and visual impact assessment;

Transport assessment;

Phase 1 ecological survey;

Desk based archaeological assessment;

Flood risk assessment;

Noise assessment;

Air quality assessment.

These completed reports served to demonstrate considerations and measures taken to ensure the proposed facility would have minimal significant impact on the site and its surroundings.

Kelda Water Services is a leading water and waste water contract operations company, delivering large scale and long term infrastructure solutions throughout the UK and Ireland.

RPS Hosts PTRC Transport Conference in London

16 October 2014

RPS Hosts PTRC Transport Conference in London

PTRC Transport Planning Conference at London Cornhill office.  

Image: RPS.

On 30th September the RPS Cornhill office was the venue for PTRC’s conference on “Successful Planning Applications for Transport Practitioners”. PTRC Education and Research Services Ltd is the leading organiser of training for the transport industry in the UK and is owned by the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport. It was therefore an excellent opportunity for RPS to host the event which involved 12 external speakers from high-profile organisations in the sector presenting to young professionals from both the private sector and local authorities. Alison Goddard and Alice Nolan of the Transport team also attended the conference.

The presenters were from a range of leading companies and organisation including TfL. Between them a wide range of themes were discussed including the planning process, mitigation of transport impacts, pre-application discussions, sustainable transport initiatives, travel planning and construction logistic plans. Richard Stacey, from the Oxford office, delivered the presentation prepared with Alison Goddard on “Transport Statements and Assessments” which was illustrated with case studies including recent work on the planning application for West Midland Safari Park. The presentation covered the purpose and role of the reports as well as their content and when they are required. The “referral process” for certain planning applications submitted to the London boroughs, which was relevant to the work of several members within the audience, was also included.

All of the presenters highlighted the importance of engaging in pre-application discussions with the local planning authority and highway authority, and occasionally the Highways Agency / Welsh Government / Transport Scotland, when preparing the transport elements of a planning application. Other key debates included the mitigation of public transport impacts as part of new developments and the additional stakeholders involved in scoping work for London projects.

Excellent feedback was received from PTRC on the quality of Cornhill as a venue and the organisation support received from the team there. It is pleasing that Richard has been invited to present on the same topic again at PTRC’s conference hosted in Manchester in January 2015.

Commenting on the success of the day, Richard said “It was a privilege to be able to host this important conference for the key provider of training within our industry sector. The excellent facilities and staff at Cornhill were scored highly in delegate feedback. Hosting and presenting at the conference has certainly helped to raise the profile of RPS and our capability within the industry”.

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