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Green Guidance to Improve Public Procurement

23 January 2014

Green Guidance to Improve Public Procurement

RPS Dublin has recently been appointed as lead consultant to develop Green Procurement Guidance for the public sector in the Republic of Ireland. Working with Achilles Procurement Services, we will produce a guidance document for Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency.

Images: RPS, J. Draper

The European Commission has proposed an initial target of 50% of all public tenders within the EU to include core green criteria. However, in the recent study on “The uptake of Green Public Procurement in the EU27“, the inclusion of green criteria in procurement appears to be lower than 20% in as many as twelve of the EU Member States, including Ireland.

The development of a Green Procurement Guidance for the Public Sector will assist the Irish public sector to overcome barriers to Green Public Procurement and implement best green procurement practices..

The guidance will provide:

   Definitions and examples of core and comprehensive criteria


   Standard green clauses for use in public sector green tender documents


   Comprehensive procedures on the implementation of award criteria for green tenders