Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery Act


RPS Group plc is a multi-disciplinary consulting organisation which through its operating subsidiaries provides services in relation to the planning and development of the built and natural environment and strategic infrastructure as well as energy, water and other natural resources. The Group has a number of UK trading subsidiaries but also owns companies trading in North America, Australasia and other parts of Europe.

Given the nature of their activities the Group’s operating subsidiaries do not have large and complex supply chains. The result of this is that the extent of risks to which they are exposed in this area is relatively limited. Notwithstanding this the Group fully supports the objectives of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and takes its own obligations thereunder very seriously. Correspondingly the Group will not tolerate any activities within its own organisation or its supply chain which amount to either slavery or human trafficking. In support of this the Group has during 2016 reviewed the supply chain in relation to all of its UK operating companies. This has incorporated both desktop review to assess and classify risk and dependent on the outcome of that exercise, direct correspondence with suppliers through which various information and assurances were sought. This is in addition to normal commercial and operational due diligence that would be undertaken when a new supplier is appointed.

The Group has also produced an internal facing policy in relation to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. This is reflective of the above position and reminds employees of the Group’s important obligations in this area and the role that they can play in this. This incorporates a clear process through which any concerns in this area can be reported.

The Group will produce a further statement in 2018 and in the ensuing period will undertake further work in this area and update its policies and procedures as appropriate.

John Douglas
Chief Executive

24 January 2018