HSE & Risk Management

RPS has developed extensive experience founded on an annual portfolio of more than 300 projects in Canada and for domestic clients operating internationally. Selected case studies have been included in this section to provide an overview of the typical projects successfully executed by RPS.

Client/ Project: Potash mines, Saskatchewan, Canada

Duration: 1985 - Ongoing

Disciplines: Risk & Environmental Assessment, Project Management & Support, including Regulations Analysis & Permitting, Stakeholder Consultations, etc.

Potassium plays a vital role in plant growth. Demand for potash, one of the three most important fertilizers in commercial agriculture, is increasing with the increasing demand for high quality, safe food. The potash mining industry relies upon seismic surveys to identify and extract potash efficiently and cost-effectively.

RPS is a leading seismic management consultancy with an unrivalled understanding of the risks related to potash mining, having been involved in potash exploration projects across the world. In particular, our clients in Saskatchewan, Canada, have relied upon RPS to help manage these risks since 1985.

Our geophysicists use 3D and 4D modelling tools and interpretative software to reduce resource-risk by identifying ore-grade potash zones and also void spaces. Similar techniques also help reduce engineering-risk, by guiding mining engineers who manage brine inflows. On the surface, our seismic project managers routinely manage Helath, Safety, Environmental (HSE) and other operational risks whilst acquiring seismic data in the field. Over thirty years, RPS has brought to bear the expertise of hundreds of individuals whilst managing projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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