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Environmental Assessment & Approvals

Environmental Assessment & Approvals

RPS is one of Australia's most experienced providers of environmental impact assessment and management, with demonstrated experience working on complex multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional projects.

Through detailed consultation and participation in project planning, we develop customised planning and approvals strategies.

RPS provides specialist capabilities in planning, coordinating and implementing targeted risk assessments, including supporting technical studies, to fulfil due diligence and regulatory requirements.

RPS' Environment & Water specialists can assist you with:

Environmental impact assessment

Management of all development approvals, licences and permits

Approval strategies, schedules and budgets

Environmental planning and documentation for statutory planning approvals

Management of specialist environmental and socio-economic studies

Participating in site selection, project planning and constraints analyses

Conducting environmental risk assessments

Developing best-practice management and mitigation measures

Regulatory liaison and public consultation

Environmental compliance auditing and reporting