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Sydney’s Desalination Project

Sydney’s Desalination Project

Sydney’s desalination plant was part of the NSW Government’s strategy for securing Sydney’s water supply. Located at Kurnell in Sydney’s south, the plant uses reverse osmosis technology to remove salts and other impurities from seawater to produce drinking water.

RPS were engaged by Sydney Water to develop the overall communications strategy and plan for the project’s development and approvals phases. This involved seconding a senior RPS employee into the Sydney Water integrated team.

We also worked with the private sector delivery consortia, dmt (a joint venture of Degrémont, Multiplex and Thiess), to deliver technical inputs on community relations, approvals and environmental management, and manage the bid during the expressions of interest and multi-stage requests for tender phases:

We also provided key strategic communications advice to Sydney Water’s Project Director and playing the role of coordinating Sydney Water corporate, transfer alliance and plant contractor communications.

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