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Regional Rail Link – Rails Systems Alliance, Melbourne, VIC

Regional Rail Link – Rails Systems Alliance, Melbourne, VIC

The Rail Systems project team is responsible for delivering new train control and signalling systems for the Regional Rail Link (RRL). RRL is a major infrastructure project designed to untangle metropolitan and regional rail tracks as they travel through Melbourne’s west into the heart of the city.

RPS is playing an integral role in Rail Systems, leading stakeholder management and community engagement processes for this work package. Our team includes frontline community relations roles, an internal engagement role and a strategic position on the Alliance Management Team. In addition, we head up infrastructure sustainability services, team culture and HR roles.

Key achievements included

Arranging an event to introduce local businesses to the RRL procurement teams, enabling them to better tender for contracts. The event was a significant success, attended by 115 local businesses

Preparing a range of information graphic materials to help explain the complex project construction methodology and technological concepts to local residents and stakeholders

Designing and collaborating a school safety education program, focused on helping improve children’s awareness of the importance of safe behaviour near construction sites and the railway corridor

Receiving stakeholder satisfaction scores in excess of 80 per cent

Meeting all environmental and sustainability targets

Developing 6 additional sustainability initiatives to maximise gain-share for the project

Delivering innovations that will create a sustainable legacy for the rail industry in Victoria.


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